Intellectual Properties

MBT® Consortium, on the basis of its vast experience and skilled team & associates, specialized in protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) both in offensive and defensive litigation.  We provide comprehensive services of advice and execution in business areas besides extending its services to forecast a benefit of owing or exploiting IPRs.

We offer our focused and specific advisory services in the main areas of IPs like …

          +     Copyrights,

          +     Trademarks,

          +     Patents and

          +     Designs

After the correct circumstances have been proved, we help our clients to acquire IPRs to protect them from infringements.

  • MBT® Consortium helps businesses to achieve synergy via the following standard IP services
    • Intermittent and Regular IP Reviews to identify a business’ real IP
    • IP Portfolio Management
    • Assessment of existing IPs in reference to current or future needs
    • Identifying IP risks
    • Knowledge Management and Analysis of the business functions to aid new IPs’ identification and Registration

MBT® Consortium provides advisory services to not only protect our clients’ own IPRs but also help them to educate and train in protecting other businesses’ patent and trademarks while manufacturing or importing a new product or services in local market or vice versa.  Mostly companies do not pay attention to associate risks of such commercialization and resultantly a third party can stop the commercial function or force the real investor to pay a royalty.

We provide a competitive edge to our clients’ commercial function through advisory in geographical information system, possible legal constraints and aiding corporate goals.  A simple IP portfolio “development” does not guarantee a profit for the initiator.  The gold-nuggets can be acquired through a proper IP portfolio “management” system backed by a comprehensive information system, prevailing laws and regulations, and review of corporate goals.

MBT® Consortium is exceptionally skilled in identifying IP Rights; its management; and securing your present & future profits. While protecting our clients’ IPRs, confidentiality is strictly followed.

To protect your idea today or to submit information about your invention, please fill the following form and send to us with confidence:

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