Corporate Research & Evaluation Services

MBT® Consortium offers the following types of evaluations. (If you are unsure which evaluation you require, check with your selected recipients.)

  1. Course-By-Course Report
    Suitable for education, licensing and certification

    • Identifies and describes each diploma or certificate
    • Indicates the periods of education
    • Provides a specific country-wise equivalency for each document
    • Lists all courses (subjects) with country-wise semester credits
    • Gives a grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale
  2. Document-By-Document Report
    Suitable for employment, immigration or educational credentials
  • Identifies and describes each diploma or certificate
  • Indicates the periods of education
  • Provides a specific country-wise equivalency for each document
  • Experiential Credential Evaluation Services
  1. CPA Board & Other Professional Bodies PC/COP Evaluation
    (Suitable for CPA students, applicants of COP/PC or)

    • For those applying for Certified Public Accountant exams
    • For those applying for Certificate Of Practice (COP) for CPA
    • For those applying Practicing Certificate of other professional bodies on panel
  2. Credential Attestation & Verification Services
    (Esp. MOA, HEC, IBCC, PEB, Embassies & FHCs, Notary/Oath/Courts)

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOA)
    • Higher Education Commission (HEC)
    • Inter Board Committee Chairman (IBCC)
    • Provincial Education Boards (PEB)
    • Embassies and Foreign High Commissions
    • Notary / Oath Commissioners / Courts
  3. MBT® Consortium Specialized Credential Package’s Advantage … Order the MBT® Consortium’s specialized services and your evaluation report will also include:
  • Transcript delivery with your evaluation report
  • Permanent storage of your records
  • The flexibility to send your report and transcripts to educational institutions, at any time in the future

MBT® Consortium offers a variety of credential evaluation services that assist Individuals, Academic Institutions, Government Agencies, Employers and Law Firms with credential issues that they face while seeking Admissions, Verifying the Applicants, Seeking or Granting Employment and other related situations where Educational Learning or Experiential Learning in term of Credit Hours is required.  We provide evaluation services in the following sphere:

  1. Prior Educational Credential Evaluation
  2. Prior Experiential Credential Evaluation
  3. Phenomenal Credentials Evaluation & Verification Services


  • Individuals and Potential Students who are seeking admissions, employment, immigration, and any other credential verification objective as a prerequisite.
  • Colleges, Universities and Professional Bodies to make decision in deciding the entry level of the student and admission.
  • Professional Bodies and Licensing Departments to determine eligibility for granting Professional License or Certificate of Practice, COP.
  • Employers to determine the potential or present employees’ qualification for appointment or promotion etc.
  • Immigration departments of various countries and other Government Department to assess the educational level of applicants.

The users of our credentials evaluation services:

  1. Professional Bodies
  2. Employers
  3. Immigrants
  4. Financial Institutions
  5. Educators
  6. Students
  7. Job Seekers
  8. Government Departments
  9. Colleges and Universities

Our staff is highly trained in Research and Document Verification, and they will provide our valued clients with fast, attentive service throughout the Evaluation Process. In addition to authoring a collection of books on the educational systems of various countries, the staff is active in several professional national and international associations.

Our highly skilled and competent staff prepares detailed and accurate evaluation report for individual and corporate clients.  We also extending our services to conduct trainings for potential evaluation seekers to update and expand their exposure in the subject matter importance at global level.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the MBT® Consortium office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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