Business Advisory Services

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MBT® Consortium can help you to …

  • Cut operational costs
  • Reduce business risk
  • Create brand value
  • Generate revenue from new sources
  • Prepare an effective business plan
  • Revive a sick unit

Business Consultancy

As a business owner you are most likely very, very good at what you do.  However, many small business owners find that they are not very, very good at the day-to-day operations of running the business.  At MBT® Consortium we come alongside you and help inject much needed common sense into your business structure.

We are business management consultants specializing in implementing well proven management profitability and organizational improvements. We understand the many challenges facing businesses in today’s fast-paced and competitive climate. We understand because many of our associates have owned or currently head-up their own successful business organizations.

Is your business requiring more and more of your time to maintain, much less to grow? Is it becoming your life, rather than your livelihood? Or, are you experiencing declining profits, markets, efficiencies, all of which you have grappled with alone. Have the results of your improvement initiatives proven disappointing in spite of all your efforts? Have you lost your business focus? Are you uncomfortably deep into your bank line of credit, or is your bank lending facility currently becoming overly burdensome? Or is it more serious; has your business declined to the turnaround stage?

We offer a range of business services mainly focused on the following areas:

  • Strategic
  • Business Improvement
  • Human Resource areas.

Our Services

Total Marketing Solutions

  • Market Research and Feasibility Studies
  • Market Surveys
  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Audit
  • Outsourced Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Evaluation and Organization Reviews
  • Project Implementation and Management
  • Employees Training, Seminars and Workshops

We work with organizations to:

  • Identify and define problem areas
  • Develop creative solutions
  • Assist in their implementation
  • Develop monitoring systems.

Financial Advisory

  • Feasibility study
  • Financial Management, Accountancy
  • Project evaluation – acquisition and merger
  • Capital / Financial restructuring / Revival of sick units
  • Services to foreign investors
  • Documentation for funding from Financial Institutions
  • Negotiation with Financial Institutions for funding on behalf of clients
  • Privatization of projects
  • Arranging underwriting, private placements
  • Issuance of Commercial papers
  • Employee stock option
  • Income tax & Sales tax consultancy
  • Internal audit for management
  • Income estimation / business evaluation
  • Financial reporting review & improvement
how can we help you?

Contact us at the MBT® Consortium office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Consulting WP prepare these materials. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they… handled the rest.

Amanda Seyfried
Founder & CEO, Arcade Systems

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