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Int’ Business Services

In our increasingly complex world, firms find that taking a holistic view across their internal support functions can yield the greatest return. Transforming these functions requires precision and expertise.

So how do you get it right?

Focusing on service delivery effectiveness has become a key strategy for organizations seeking to make effective business decisions, reduce costs and improve services across the globe. High-performing firms have successfully focused on advancing their internal business functions to surpass the competition.

These high-performing firms continue to ask, ‘What is next?’ Their enterprise view includes finance, procurement, human resources, sales and marketing, and a variety of business models (e.g., outsourcing, shared services, cloud, captive offshore, etc.)

The driving forces behind International business services transformation include:

  • Transforming business functions to align with new and evolving business models
  • Improving capabilities to deliver insight and clarity for stronger business strategies and decisions
  • Preparing the business for long-term sustained value by developing a holistic strategy across the enterprise

Our International Business Services, Shared Services and Outsourcing advisers are recognized as leaders across the globe, helping firms craft operational strategies, manage implementation and lead the transition process. These skills – combined with our deep industry point of view, our experiences with leading technologies, and the broader tax, risk and audit businesses – deliver valuable skills on a transformation journey.

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