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In collaboration with local and international Forensic Accounting and Investigative Auditing Research & Development experts and professional bodies, MBT® Consortium has a team of experience auditors, accountants and investigators of legal and financial records.  Our team is hired to look into possible suspicions f fraudulent activities within our clients’ concerns.  Sometime our Forensic Auditors are hired just to prevent fraudulent activities from occurring.

Our Forensic Team members are exceptionally skillful and internationally qualified as Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), Certified Forensic Accountants (CFAs), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Chartered Accountants, and MBAs with decades relevant experience in national and multinational spectrum.  We act with integrity and respect confidentiality matters along with abide by the Standard Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics throughout the assignments.

The exquisite team at MBT® Consortium works with inquisitive mind, tenacity and attention to detail, follows respective code of conduct, and able to deal with a large amount of documentary evidence whilst working to a tight deadline.  Our respective members also have a strong grip and knowledge on relevant laws and handsome experience of court procedures.  They are undoubtedly able to find the true reasons of actual transaction in complex situations.

Our forensic professionals draw upon broad experience in related accounting discipline, law enforcement, fraud and misconduct control assessment, regulatory enforcement, legal damage quantification and analysis, expert witness testimony, national and international arbitration, asset tracing, information management, computer forensic, e-discovery, and forensic data analysis.

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AS you know that fraud and financial misconduct continues to be a major issue for public and private organizations around the globe.

MBT® Consortium offers Forensic Accounting & Auditing solutions coupled with Forensic Training opportunities that help our clients to detect and investigate various forms of white-collar financial impropriety and inappropriate or inefficient use of resources.   We help identify vulnerabilities in financial control.

Forensic Accounting & Auditing is a combination of accounting, auditing, and financial investigative & detective work.  We use latest technologies to analyze complex data to help flag areas that warrant further investigation.

We offer “problem-based” Forensic Accounting & Investigative Auditing services relating to the application of scientific knowledge to legal problems, the outcome of which can be usable in a court of law.

Our services range include (but not limited to) accounting antitrust, damages, analysis, valuation, bankruptcy, insurance claims, personal injury claims, fraudulent claims, construction, royalty audits, and tracking economic crimes by investigating financial records..  We also help our clients in approaching concerned law enforcement department and lawyers during or after investigation besides appearing as expert witness during trials.

We assist our clients in preventing, detecting, investigating fraud and financial misconduct, as well as avoiding and resolving disputes between entities.

With our extensive forensic Research and Development background, we help to discover the facts underlying concerns about fraud and financial misconduct, as well as assist our clients in assessing and mitigating their vulnerabilities to such fraudulent activities.  We also help to prevent and resolve commercial disputes, including the assessment of damages, the resolutions of accounting, audit and finance related issues along with expert witness services.

As for as the steps followed by our Forensic Auditors in given assignments are concerned, it is to note with our potential clients that normally each case in Forensic Audit is unique and circumstances also vary from situation to situation according to variable fraudsters’ nature and different mental filters.

While performing the standard audit procedure of initial environment analysis, basic investigation, strategy development, accumulating relevant evidences, analyzing the evidences and before furnishing the final report … our team consider the following objectives:

  • Identifying the type of fraud
  • How long It has been operating
  • How the fraud was concealed
  • Identifying the fraudsters involved
  • Quantifying the financial loss
  • Gathering evidence to be presented in court of law
  • Providing advice to prevent re-occurrence

In addition to the above, the following considerations are categorized, analyzed and furnished in final Forensic Audit Report to prevent the occurrence of fraud in future:

  • Corruption
  • Assets Misappropriation
  • Financial Statement Fraud
  • Bank & Credit Statements Fallacy

MBT® Consortium undertook the task of Forensic Education & Training as its Corporate Social Responsibility to educate the general and specific potential learners on Non-Profit basis.  Presently we have an arrangement of providing the following types of learning opportunities under Forensic Education and Training:

  1. In-House Training
  2. Customized Training
  3. Workshops / Seminars / Lectures
  4. Increased Artificial Intelligence Through Digital Training

However, we recommend the above mentioned 1st and 4th type of Training on the basis of following benefits attached to it:

  • Better learning aptitude of participants
  • Cost saving
  • Flexible schedule
  • Specific and need-based contents
  • Reduced travel activity
  • Trainer(s)’ comfort
  • Business schedule consideration
  • Paced location and time

MBT® Consortium guarantees the following frequent and long term advantages of getting Forensic Audit & Training by our exquisite team:

  • Improved Transparency
  • Improved efficiency by identifying the areas of waste
  • Protection against financial crimes
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Understanding the financial risks
  • Protection from reputation damage
  • Help resolve present and potential disputes
  • Witness in court of law
  • Detection and Recording of potential conflict of interest
  • Enhanced vision of corporate culture and CSR
  • Effective use of resources
  • Prevention of re-occurrence
  • Cost saving
  • Improved profit and financial ratios
  • Helping to build Transparent Pakistan.

Integrating (through collaborations by providing exploratory, specific researches, global education, financial training and certification opportunities) the Accounting, Auditing and Investigating via providing Forensic related information to concerned through aiming the following without profit on the basis of our team’s related experience in such fields:


  • Fraud detection: Where employees commit Fraud, Where the employee indulges in fraudulent activities, where the employees are caught to have committed fraud our team will provide services to locate any assets created by them out of the funds defalcated, then try interrogating them and trying to find out the hidden truth.
  • Criminal Investigation: Matters relating to financial implications the services of our team will be availed of. The report of the accountants is considered in preparing and presentation as evidence.
  • Outgoing Partner’s settlement: If the outgoing partner is not happy about his settlement he can employ our team who will correctly assess his dues (assets) as well as his liabilities correctly.
  • Cases relating to professional negligence: Our team will take up Professional negligence cases.
  • Non-conformation to Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAS) or noncompliance to auditing practices or ethical codes of any profession they are needed to measure the loss due to such professional negligence or shortage in services.
  • Arbitration service: Our team will render arbitration and mediation services for the business community, since they undergo special training in the area of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Facilitating settlement regarding motor vehicle accident: As our team is well acquainted with intricacies of laws relating to motor vehicles, and other relevant laws in force, his services become indispensable in measuring economic loss when a vehicle meets with an accident.
  • Settlement of insurance claims: Insurance companies engage our experienced and professional team to have an accurate assessment of claims to be settled. Similarly, policyholders while seeking the help of an expert like us when they need to challenge the claim settlement as worked out by the insurance companies. A our professionals will handle the claims relating to consequential loss policy, property loss due to various risks, fidelity insurance and other types of insurance claims.
  • Dispute settlement: Business firms will engage our corporate experts to handle contract disputes, construction claims, product liability claims, and infringement of patent and trademarks cases, liability arising from breach of contracts and so on.
  • Matrimonial dispute cases: We will also entertain cases pertaining to matrimonial disputes wherein their role is merely confined to tracing, locating and evaluating any form of asset involved.