Management Consultancy

We are helping organizations to improve their performance through change management assistance, development of skills, technology implementation, strategy development and operational improvement services …

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Businessman drawing a rising arrow over a bar graph above the city

Business Advisory Services

We can help you to Cut operational costs; Reduce business risk; Create brand value; Generate revenue from new sources; and Transform your company into an innovative market leader ahead of the competition …

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Training and Development

With our expertise in management training, consulting, and coaching services, we work with your company to achieve your goals … to survive and thrive by creating and maintaining satisfied customers through your people …

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Nothing is impossible to a Willing-Heart

“To strengthen and enhance vision in all spheres of human activities by striking global alliances with industry and education sector by providing innovative training, professional consultancy and R&D support”

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To help entrepreneurs get their act together
before they talk to investors.

We Protect "Your Fundamental Rights" ... IPRs

IPR Strategy / Advisory

We offer specific advisory services in the main areas of IPs like Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, and Designs …

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Standard IP Services

We help businesses to achieve synergy via IP-Reviews, IP-Portfolio Management, IP-Assessment, IP-Risks …

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Education & Training

We educate & train our clients to consider other businesses’ IPRs while importing or manufacturing a new …

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Corporate Research & Evaluation Services

We offer the following types of evaluations, verification and attestation services. (If you are unsure which evaluation you require, check with your selected recipients.)

Course-By-Course Report
(Suitable for education, licensing and certification)

Document-By-Document Report
(Suitable for employment, immigration or educational credentials)

CPA Board & Other Professional Bodies PC/COP Evaluation
(Suitable for CPA students, applicants of COP/PC of listed Professional bodies)

Credential Attestation & Verification Services
(Esp. MOA, HEC, IBCC, PEB, Embassies & FHCs, Notary/Oath/Courts)



We assist Individuals, Academic Institutions, Government Agencies, Employers, Embassies, Claim & Loan-Granting Departments and Law Firms with credential issues that they face while seeking Admissions, Verifying the Applicants, Seeking or Granting Loan, Claim, Employment and other related situations

The users of our credentials evaluation services are (but not limited to) Professional Bodies; Employers; Immigrants; Financial Institutions; Educators; Students; Job Seekers; Government Departments; Colleges and Universities

Our highly skilled and competent staff is highly trained in Research and Document Verification and prepares detailed and accurate evaluation report for individual and corporate clients.  We also extending our services to conduct trainings for potential evaluation seekers to update and expand their exposure in the subject matter importance at global level

Order the MBT® Consortium’s specialized Evaluation, Verification and Attestation services. If you are unsure which evaluation you require, check with your selected recipients

Our Corporate Functions

Financial Advisory

We assist businesses in strengthening their finance operations by improving transparency, information integrity and governance to help build and maintain stakeholder trust


Total Marketing Solutions

We help communicate the value proposition of your services effectively and efficiently through sales and marketing channels that yield optimal and sustainable results


HR Strategy & Management

We provide services to help your business embrace change and strengthen performance through proactive approaches to improving the organization and its most valuable asset, its people


IPRs Management

We provide consulting services for individual cases, ongoing assistance in longer-term projects, or we can function as your IPR manager. We collaborate with IPR bureaus around the globe


Criminology/Security Studies

We offer the following safety and security services with the help of our associates in order to maintain a peaceful, professional, secure and relaxed environment by implementing modern security techniques


Int' Business Services

We are preparing the business for long-term sustained value by developing a holistic strategy across the enterprise to make effective business decisions, reduce costs and improve services across the globe


Executives Education

We empower and enable professionals to add value to their assets and outshine in a highly competitive business environment through our specialized on-the-job “Executive Education” facilitation


Information Technology

By providing IT concerns the insights and capabilities they need to balance the introduction of innovative solutions while continuing to maintain ongoing operations in line with cost and quality expectations


Other Corporate Services

Our insight helps you quickly understand how to define operating strategies, translate them into an execution plan and ultimately get things done in addition to Legal Advisory, CSR, Business Formation


Industry Research & Development

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